Too many requests upon yarn start

hi there! learning how to build solana dapps and felt like decentology was a great place to start!

Results of $PATH:
❯ echo $PATH

Here is the results of my --version checks:

Here is the output of the yarn start command:

any thoughts as for whats going on or how I can fix it? thanks!

We rely on the faucet that Solana provides in order to load test accounts with tokens. Sometimes the server is down or requests made by the community exceed limits. In this case you will see the error you posted. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do other than retry periodically. Please let us know if the issue continues for more than 24 hours and we will investigate.

Thanks for the reply!

I hopped back onto my laptop after work today and it still wasn’t working so I decided to go dig down the actual error in the @solana package.

Looks like adjusting node_modules/@solana/web3.js/lib/index.cjs.js and changing the amount of retries and time per retry fixed it for me. I upped the base values to 10 retries at 1000ms each instead of 5 at 500ms each. Project is compiling now that all the wallets were made successfully. Time to move onto the next rabbit hole!


This solved the issue as well on my end